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Eyelash extension care is important at every stage. But a quality professional application is just the start. Eyelash extension aftercare is critical for long-lasting lashes, and it doesn’t have to be complicated!

By following best practices and using the proper eyelash extension aftercare products (ah-hem, LVSH product), those luscious lashes will stay full and fabulous until it’s time for a fill. Browse below for lash extension aftercare products.

LVSH Eyelash Cleaner

Used to cleanse eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

As a lash extension lover or eyelash extension technician, you know just how important it is to have clean lashes. Dirty lashes means poor adhesive retention -- which isn't what anyone wants! This foaming lash wash has been formulated specially to target the dirt, oil and makeup residue found in lashes. You can extend the life of your lashes with this professional grade eyelash extension foaming shampoo!

CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN & SAFE - We’re ahead of the times.

LVSH Lash Care Wand

Dual-ended Lash Care Wand.

The perfect tool for your lash maintenance! A fluffy brush for cleansing on one end and a reusable spoolie for brushing through the lashes on the other end. It is easy to use and keep with you whenever your lashes need a little extra love!

LVSH Eyelash Serum

Extend the natural lash & grow with or without lash extensions.

Let's not only boost by getting lash extensions, but extend that natural beauty with our LVSH Lash Serum!

Directions for use: After washing face & using your Lash Cleanser, pat face & lids dry. Apply a thin layer of serum across upper lash line on both eyes. For best results use morning and night. This serum can be used with extensions.

You can also BUNLDE & SAVE with our exclusive lash care products. We're so happy that our clients trust us to give them gorgeous lashes, but how you take care of your lashes after you leave LVSH is equally important. If you use these products and follow the LVSH aftercare practices, you're sure to get those most out of your fresh new set! Our lash care products are available for purchase online and in the salon.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a beauty expert:

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