The Benefits of Brow Lamination!

Updated: May 10

We're declaring it now - brow lamination is a trend that is here to stay! As someone who likes a ‘big brow look’, but is also a lover of low-maintenance beauty options, brow lamination is perfect. It's a sure way to enhance your brows without the commitment of micro-blading, it's budget friendly, and sure to put a bounce in your step ;)

Brow Lamination

The whole idea of brow lamination is that you fluff up your brows, and then add a perm solution to keep them in place! YES for fluffy brows every day! The major advantage of this sort of brow treatment is that not only the brow hair look groomed and tidy, but so much thicker than before. And the results, they last for over a month - usually in the 6 week range.

3 Benefits of Brow Lamination:

Getting your Concerns Fixed

For people who have problems like thinning of brow hair with age, gaps formed within eyebrows due to excessive plucking or waxing (anyone else?), unruly hair in different directions whilst brushing them, and lack of shape and unevenness; all of these can be taken care of by brow lamination procedure.

Thicker and Fuller Brows

Brow lamination brings thicker and fuller brows as per your desired look. It is through pulling up the hairs vertically as if you are experiencing new hair growth. The process is considered completely non-invasive.

Inspired Look Achieved

Brow lamination can help everyone achieve that model-like, fluffy brow desired outcome, with little effort and time. And the best part - it's temporary. So if taking this chance and trying a new look doesn't turn out to be for you - no problem. Your brows will go right back to the way that they were before the process.

If you have questions about Brow Lamination or are looking to get your brows done, LVSH is your place to go. Send us an email or give us a call to book with Shay today!


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